Getting married in Whitstable Kent

If you are thinking of getting married in Whitstable Kent you will of course also be considering getting married close to the sea. Whitstable is probably most famous for its oysters and host of celebrities it attracts. It is also well known locally for its live music.

We can recommend  two venues ideally suited to hosting a wedding with live music, The East Quay venue and Whitstable Castle.

East Quay Venue’s  unique position on the beach gives it a great back drop for a wedding ceremony and reception. The dancing area is situated alongside the dining area allowing early set up without disturbing guests. It goes without saying that there is no better place to sample the sea food of this famous seaside resort.

‘Whitstable Castle’ sits at the east end of town, perched above the beach and affords great views of the  Thames Estuary. Its a popular tourist attraction during the day and transforms into a magical wedding venue in the evening. The lighting of the castle by night is an attraction in itself.

The Redfords have performed at both venues and is a recommended band by  ‘East Quay Venue’
Take a look at the pictures taken at this recent Redfords wedding and judge for yourself how perfect this venue is.

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East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0024 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0023 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0022 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0021 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0020 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0019 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0018 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0017 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0016 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0015 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0014 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0013 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0012 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0011 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0010 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0009 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0008 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0007 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0006 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0005 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0004 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0003 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0002 East-Quay-Wedding-Band-Whitstable-Kent_0001