Party hats and wedding pictures

party hats selfieThe Redfords have added party hats and wedding pictures, for all evening packages at no extra cost.

What a great combination Great music, party hats, one or two drinks.! and a camera.
The Redford now travel with a flight case full of cool hats and of course their obligatory two full frame Nikon D800s complete with 50 to 70mm and 70 to 200mm f/2.8 lenses.
To get both formal and informal documentary images the hats are hidden till the second set.
Take a look at to see some of the images taken at recent weddings.
All images are loaded to a private site where you can download all or any images for free. If you would like the images in really high resolution you can buy them all for around £100.00

The idea came from a wedding in Hertfordshire. The bride and groom had arranged a photo booth.. Great idea! At the end of the buffet guests had formed a long  queue and were waiting to have their picture taken. The band started their second set, people in the queue were torn between the booth and the dance floor !! Guests were soon up dancing, those in the queue couldn’t wait and  joined in as well but along with the photo booth hats.!!! Others were snapping away with their mobiles and long before the selfie revolution.