Perfect band for sound limiter.

Many venues now need a perfect band for sound limiter. This means venues can set a maximum sound level in the room. If the band exceeds this level the sound limiter automatically shuts off the power to the stage, stopping the band and the party !!!. BOOK a perfect band for sound limiter. It’s not the venue being awkward, after all they want you to enjoy your dancing as much as you do. Restrictions are generally imposed by the local authority to protect employees against excessive noise levels or because the noise is causing a nuisance to neighbours. No Compromise come and see for yourself.

Sound levels of common activities

Normal talking  65 decibels.

Traffic noise 85 decibels.

Rock band 110 decibels.

Peak stadium crowd noise 140 decibels.

Why can’t the band just turn down ? Sounds easy doesn’t it ? but for most its almost impossible.. not for the perfect band for sound limiter.!!

Why ? A band will set their instruments and amplifiers (called Back line) to play at a level to match the quietest instrument which is usually the drums (and its not unusual for these to be amplified too).  They then need to hear each other sing and play to keep in time. This is usually provided by floor wedges pointing back towards the band and called fold back or monitor mix. Added to this is the largest amplifier of all, a PA, set so the audience can hear everything clearly .

Put all these together and the band will produce a sound level approaching 110 decibels.. Great at a Rock concert but maybe a little too loud for a wedding ?

But there is an answer and its simple!!  The Redfords use it all the time !!! The sound is still exactly the same, musicians are still playing through real valve amplifiers but the over all sound is set by one volume control, meaning a sound control from zero to Spinal Tap’s 11 …!!

If you need advice about sound levels at your venue please drop us line we can probably help.