Questions to ask your Wedding Band

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Over the next few weeks we will answer some of the common questions we get as a wedding band. These questions are taken direct from our email client, direct from our couples! The questions below address the music side of a wedding band booking. If you have any other questions please comment below and we will do our best to answer them asap.

We have not yet picked our first dance song, is there a date we have to let you know by?

Most songs are learnt quite easily but some are more difficult … so as soon as you can is the answer!! If it helps .. The band won’t learn the song until your wedding is within around 2 to 4 weeks.

Do we select the songs the band plays?

I was wondering how long before the wedding we talk to the band about the set list? 

Please have a look through the set list and highlight your likes and dislikes and feel free to suggest songs not shown. We will do our best to include where appropriate.

The band generally “fly” the sets, that is they will judge from guests reactions what and when to play as they go. That is they will judge the right songs for the age group dancing and try at all times to maximize numbers dancing ( without verbal persuasion) This is best done around 2 to 4 weeks before your wedding date.

How many sets do you typically do? 

2×60 mins or 3×40 mins

We do offer a 4th set although in our experience this is rarely needed. But please do let us know if this is something you were considering and we can discuss.

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How long are your sets and your breaks in between ?

We normally play three sets of 40 mins usually one set before the evening buffet then split the two remaining sets into the time remaining after the buffet with disco music between. We are easy about when our sets are. Its important for the evening to run smoothly.


How do we go about selecting the songs in terms of the music for the iPod (to be played in between the sets)?

With the DJ/disco we would play an appropriate song mix for the general age group!! We do have songs from classics to modern.. We can take DJ requests although in our experience this can detract from the evening and often leaves the dance floor empty.

We are more than happy to use you mix!! If so best as separate mp3 mixes on an iPod or smart phone we can plug straight into our desk!! Alternately if you send us mp3 discs/CDs we can add your mix to our DJ mixer, we would need the disc’s at least 1 week before the wedding.

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