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Wedding band early set up

Should I ask the wedding band for an Early Set Up ? Consider this ..  When was the last time you went to a rock concert and sat and watched the band set up and sound check before they performed? .. Exactly ..!! never !! In fact I can remember being kept waiting out side in the rain while the band finished sound checking before we were even let inside the theatre.!!

You shouldn’t have to ask a band to set up early, the band should be asking you “How soon can we get access to the venue to set up early.”..

A band set ready to perform should provide a visual expectation of the entertainment to come and create atmosphere  for the occasion. It may of course also have a more practical use as it can provider a microphone and Public address for the wedding speeches.

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Its an absolute must. Don’t settle for anything less..!! It’s possible to set up early even if the band are to perform in the same room as you are due to eat. Providing they have the running schedule it is relatively easy to work out the timings so the crew doesn’t waste any time.

Set up and sound check for an average size band should take around 45 to 60 mins. In a lot of cases it is not necessary for a sound check, a good engineer will be able to line check all the instruments and microphones. That is, making sure each has a good connection to the mixing desk and each is at the right volume. The eventual mix will always change when the room fills with people so provided each channel is connected correctly the performance mix is quickly set.

Should the band charge for early set Up?

What ever way you look at this I guess the client will pay whatever the price structure. I firmly believe it should be included in the initial cost and not shown separately.

Early Set up is a fundamental element of the smooth running and atmosphere of the day.


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